Friday, February 21, 2014

Future Athlete, 8 days old | Scottsdale, AZ Newborn Photographer

This little guy's momma found me through her sister who I did pictures for back in November. That is just the sweetest compliment I can get when someone refers me. I could not wait to meet this little guy. And not only did I get to meet him, but both sets of grandparents too. Wow, is this little boy loved. For the first 20-30 minutes while I was setting up, I would peek out in the living room to see everyone just huddled and staring at Mr. "J". I could just feel my heart smiling to see so much joy.

The session went great. We had fun planning it, too. The theme was sports/red and blue. It turned out great and our little model was just perfect. He stayed asleep for a long time but just was a little startled everytime he heard a noise such as the clicking of my shutter. I had to make sure I had the shot right or he'd jump right out of the pose, but yet, still stayed asleep. It's amazing to me how much personality a brand new baby shows or at least they're able to show you what they do or don't like already.

Thank you "L" family for letting me capture such great love and joy you have for your new bundle of joy. That is truly what he is. And he is just gorgeous!

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