Friday, February 14, 2014

Extended Family Session at the lake | Goodyear, AZ Family Photographer

Another extended family shoot. I would not have passed this one up but as with every session involving more than four people, I get a tad tense. What helped this time was that I know the family very well. You may have recognized them on my blog a few (okay, a TON) of times. They are dear to my heart. So thankful to know them and call them friends AND of course, to photograph them.

For this session, the organizer of the group and I went back and forth on color scheme. They settled on gold, maroon and navy. Wowza! What a great combo for lots of people. With the colors and the location - the lake just down from their house - it was seriously perfection. Oh, and the fact that they love each other and love to laugh, I think that helped a little too.

This session was a bunch of sessions wrapped into one. We got a lot of everyone, the newly engaged couple, the sweet family of four, nana and papa with their grandchildren, four generations, and probably a few other combos. My absolute favorite pictures are when the kids took my chicken mask out of my bag when I was taking pictures of just the adults. They proceeded to try to make them all laugh by clucking like a chicken. I think even my cheeks hurt afterwards from all the giggles!

Thank you so so so much M and R families for being so awesome and amazing and so relaxed. Hands down, this was my favorite extended family session. I think my anxiety and fear of doing big family shoots may have even subsided....some.

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