Friday, February 28, 2014

simple and sweet | Surprise, AZ newborn photographer

When I found out this momma was pregnant, I was so incredibly excited. We are good friends our kids love to play together. Her daughter was totally ready to be a big sister. I didn't realize how ready she was until I got to see her in action with "her baby". I really thought they were going to have a boy but was wrong when they found out Miss "A" would have a little sis.

We got so much done in such a short amount of time. They have such a beautiful house and it was just perfect for photos. Their dining room was already set up like a studio with gorgeous hard wood floors and wainscoting. We also got a few shots on the bed which is always nice to let the little ones have a little fun bouncing on their parents bed!

Little "P" is such a little peanut. All newborns are special but some newborns have a little extra sweetness to them and she had it. Full of sugar! She slept so well for her sister and family pictures that by the time we were ready for just her, she wasn't so sure. But at the very end as I was ready to pack up, she posed beautifully. The set ups were very simple but oh so sweet just like Miss "P".

Thank you so much "S" family for not only being such amazing friends but also for letting me capture such a special time in your lives. You are so incredibly blessed with two beautiful little girls. Much love!

Beautiful Princess in the desert | Scottsdale, AZ Newborn Photographer

I met this sweet family back in December when I did a different kind of maternity session. This soon-to-be mama had a vision of an artistic silhouette inspired maternity session. I had never done photos like this but knew how to expose for them and knew what kind of light I needed so I was excited to try it out. Wow, what an amazing idea as they just turned out beautifully.

After meeting these parents-to-be, I couldn't wait to spend more time with them when their little girl arrived. Oh, she was just perfect. Not only did she sleep very well, but she is just perfect in every way. What I fell in love with even more was how loved she already is. Everyone joined in for photos including her grandparents. 

Towards the end of the session, we went outside since it wasn't too cool to get pictures of Miss "L" with her daddy's other baby. And don't worry, there was someone's hands on her the entire time except for the split second it took to snap the photos. Newborn safety is always a priority. While we were outside, I couldn't help by notice the gorgeous and enormous saguaro cacti. It was a perfect backdrop for a baby born in the desert. 

Thank you "K" family for your generous hospitality and for such amazing sessions. I can't wait to see your little princess again!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Future Athlete, 8 days old | Scottsdale, AZ Newborn Photographer

This little guy's momma found me through her sister who I did pictures for back in November. That is just the sweetest compliment I can get when someone refers me. I could not wait to meet this little guy. And not only did I get to meet him, but both sets of grandparents too. Wow, is this little boy loved. For the first 20-30 minutes while I was setting up, I would peek out in the living room to see everyone just huddled and staring at Mr. "J". I could just feel my heart smiling to see so much joy.

The session went great. We had fun planning it, too. The theme was sports/red and blue. It turned out great and our little model was just perfect. He stayed asleep for a long time but just was a little startled everytime he heard a noise such as the clicking of my shutter. I had to make sure I had the shot right or he'd jump right out of the pose, but yet, still stayed asleep. It's amazing to me how much personality a brand new baby shows or at least they're able to show you what they do or don't like already.

Thank you "L" family for letting me capture such great love and joy you have for your new bundle of joy. That is truly what he is. And he is just gorgeous!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Desert Camo Cake Smash | Waddell and Surprise, AZ Baby Photographer

This little guy melted my heart last time I saw him with his adorable little face and chunky little legs. For his first birthday, I was just about mush. We met up at the White Tanks in which I've never shot inside the park. Since I got there a little earlier, I drove around until I found a perfect wash full of white rocks with a bright yellow backdrop. Yep, I might have done a happy dance...but before they got there so don't worry.

We started with some family solo shots of little C then ended with the best cake smash ever. Camo meets desert. A-DOR-ABLE! It was a little chilly but that didn't seem to bother Mr. C as he had some yummy cake to eat.

Thank you so much "H" family for another awesome session and a great way to kick off 2014. See you again real soon ;)