Friday, November 29, 2013

Madison, 10 days new | West Valley Arizona Newborn Photographer

Miss Madison surprised us all and arrived a little earlier than planned but will still oh so perfect and precious. Thankfully, I was able to squeeze a weekday session in so he was still under that two week mark. It sure is a busy and fun time of year!

I met this beautiful mama (and daddy, but I only saw him for a brief second) back in September. Her smile completely resembles who she is in person. She is beyond sweet and nice. We had a great time planning out Madison's session. It made the morning go so smooth!

Going into a newborn session, I never know if the baby is going to sleep or not so I come with a game plan with a lot of sub-plans. I typically try to squeeze a lot of lifestyle in, but Madison was the BEST little sleeper I've ever had so we did quite a few set ups. Once she was up, she was up, but still quite content so we were able to finish up in he room, around the house, and of course with daddy in the front room where he plans on reading lots and lots of books to her. Melt my heart!

Congratulations, Eric and Amanda. Your sweet baby Madison is just beautiful. I can tell she is already so loved. May you have the most amazing year adjusting to the wonderful world of parenthood. xoxo

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best friends, pajama party - best idea for a photo session! | Phoenix, AZ Child Photographer

I discovered a new type of session that I absolutely love...a best friend session! I have had the opportunity to photograph Eliana many times but this time, her mom wanted to do something special for her two best friends who she has known for almost all her life. It was going to be a birthday thing but ended up being a Fall thing. Either way, it was so incredibly fun to plan and even more of a blast to shoot!

The theme was a pajama party and bright colors. Before changing into the pajamas, we started with a Princess Parade in the street. It wasn't part of the plan but that's what the girls made it and we all went along with it. They marched, sang, danced and stomped while singing, "We're in the Princess Parade." The song was quite catchy. I'm so used to being in the land of boys so being able to play, I mean photograph, little princesses was a new adventure for me.

After the princess parade was over, we got a few shots in the backyard with a mosquito net then the girls changed into their pajamas. The girls were hilarious! We had popcorn, fun pillows, and eye masks. I was so excited when I found the purple and turquoise eye masks and there happened to be THREE! It was meant to be.

After all the laughter and fun, one of the girls had to leave, but since I had some more time, I set up a simple backdrop on the back porch. Wow, these girls know how to fun but they're also simply beautiful.

I hope I can do more sessions like this in the future. There's just something about being able to capture kids being kids and the connection they have with each other.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Chase, future athlete | Surprise, AZ Child & Family Photographer

I have found the hardest age to photograph is 18 months to 2 1/2. The only reason is because they are starting to find independence so they don't always want to be with their parents, they want to do their own thing, they're just learning how to verbalize what they want and because they are super mobile/// and quick! Now that I have an 19 month old, I try to pay attention to things that make him smile. It has helped a little but I still have to be on my toes. One trick I've learned is to find something they love.

Meet Chase. His love is balls. Most kids around 18 months like balls, but Chase wanted nothing to do with anything but balls. Thankfully, we were surrounded by them...or maybe you would call them oranges, but Chase thought they were his favorite thing. Score! Same thing to a toddler, right?! He was so incredibly sweet and was happy as long as he could throw, hold or even dribble a ball. Yes, this little guy could dribble! I was in awe!

The session was quick as the sun disappeared behind the mountains but we squeezed in a lot in just an hour. Chase's mom brought some fun props we got to use including her dad's tractor from when he was a boy. It was so perfect since we were surrounded by farm equipment. It was so much fun running after Chase and capturing his gorgeous blue eyes. And the sweetest part was pretty much the entire time, he just kept signing please so that I would give him an orange. Not only is he gorgeous but also such a polite little boy!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Castro Family, this family knows how to have fun! | Goodyear Family Photographer

We have officially entered the holiday season with family picture time! I kicked off my season with the perfect family. Their family interaction fit perfectly with my style. They just loved on each other making it easy to capture their connection. 

I met Tina back four years ago right after I had my first baby through Stroller Strides. I'm not sure how I could've survived without it. The transition of being a mom was super tough for my perfectionist obsessive compulsive self until I found a group of moms who I shared interests with and could exercise alongside. Tina was the owner and instructor at the time and she had a little one only seven days apart from my little guy. She probably doesn't realize how much she changed my life! As you can imagine when she contacted me about pictures, I could not wait to see them again.

Our morning was just perfect. We had the park almost to ourselves and jammed out with Tina's awesome ipod speakers. She made a playlist specifically for the session and switched to different songs to conjure different emotions. Hello?! Why have I not done this?! It helped everyone to relax and truly have a great time.

Besides the fun music, perfect weather and great location, this family also knew how to have fun! They were singing, dancing, cuddling, jumping and even ended rolling down the hill! This family is a lifestyle photographer's dream!

Castro Family, thank you so much for letting me photograph your family. You truly have such a fun and loving family. Hope I get to spend time with you again!