Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cooper, eight months old | Surprise, Arizona baby and family photographer

When this family contacted me, they hadn't had family pictures done. I couldn't wait to capture their little family!

The pictures were supposed to focus mainly on Cooper but I couldn't resist getting a lot of the whole family. I mean, every family should have some family pictures, right?! Yes, I know, this is coming from a crazy camera lady, but I am happy we spent time with everyone. 

We met at the farm and found a huge surprise - it was EXPLODING with green since we had just had some crazy rains. We found one little spot and I shot away. Cooper and their pup were both so calm and well, chill. It wasn't until we moved on to the old trucks that we got laughs out of the little guy.

The session ended in front of a truck I hadn't seen before. It was perfection! Cooper changed into overalls, only overalls, and a camo trucker hat. Seriously? He was almost too cute for me to handle. I think I just kept stopping and laughing at all the cuteness that was going on as did his parents. I just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks and arms and little legs.

I cannot wait to see this guy again in a few months for his first birthday.

Hey Mr. Cooper, try not to get any cuter, okay?! 

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