Monday, September 30, 2013

Ava is five! | Surprise, AZ Child and Family Photographer

There is nothing I love more than getting to watch kids grown through my lens! My camera is a big fan, too, especially of Ava and Ethan!

For Ava's fifth birthday, we went to the farm since it was a morning session and we wanted some shade. Even with the brighter light, I found a sweet spot which always makes me prance for joy. And yes, I do actually prance, but hey, the kids love it! Besides the yummy light, we found another old truck which happened to match Ethan. Perfection.

After we had some fun at the farm, we ended in Marley Park for some grass. By the time we got there, the sun was really high but the kids did get to sneak a little dancing in before calling it quits.

Thank you, B family for letting me take your photos once again. You have such a beautiful happy family! And happy fifth birthday, Miss Ava. You are such a sweet, beautiful little girl and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you.

After this session, we realized I didn't get one of Ava full length smiling pretty so we met at a park for a quick 10 minutes. The kids were ready and the light was amazing. Thankful I was able to meet up again! Love these! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cooper, eight months old | Surprise, Arizona baby and family photographer

When this family contacted me, they hadn't had family pictures done. I couldn't wait to capture their little family!

The pictures were supposed to focus mainly on Cooper but I couldn't resist getting a lot of the whole family. I mean, every family should have some family pictures, right?! Yes, I know, this is coming from a crazy camera lady, but I am happy we spent time with everyone. 

We met at the farm and found a huge surprise - it was EXPLODING with green since we had just had some crazy rains. We found one little spot and I shot away. Cooper and their pup were both so calm and well, chill. It wasn't until we moved on to the old trucks that we got laughs out of the little guy.

The session ended in front of a truck I hadn't seen before. It was perfection! Cooper changed into overalls, only overalls, and a camo trucker hat. Seriously? He was almost too cute for me to handle. I think I just kept stopping and laughing at all the cuteness that was going on as did his parents. I just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks and arms and little legs.

I cannot wait to see this guy again in a few months for his first birthday.

Hey Mr. Cooper, try not to get any cuter, okay?! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pulig Family Mini Session in the Woods | Arizona Photographer in Washington, PA

A few months ago, I got a message from Tara regarding photography. I went to high school with her! She is a photographer back east and hasn't had any family pictures done (besides the ones on her trusty tripod) since her cutie patootie son was born! I was honored that she asked me if I could do a mini session with them when back in my hometown.

Unfortunately, Mr. Ethan was feeling to great but we still got a few great smiles out of him. In fact, his little happy face is one of the cutest expressions I've ever seen! He was loving being able to explore around him, too.

Thank you, Pulig family for letting me take your first family pictures. Ethan is a doll and such a trooper!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Evelyn, 11 days new | Arizona Photographer in New Castle, PA

My relationship with this family started back when I was pregnant with my first son. Mandi was expecting her first daughter, Miss Tylee, around the same time. We were thousands of miles away but talked through email and Facebook. Modern day penpals!

When Mandi found out I was coming back to Pennsylvania and was scheduling a few sessions, she contacted me to see if I would do newborn photos! What perfect timing! Evelyn was eight days read that right, poor Mandi but Evelyn came at her own time as was still under seven pounds! It worked great because she slept like a champ.

We were going to meet at my in-laws' since they drove two hours to get to where I was, but since the weather decided to be good to us, we met at Moraine State Park instead. I had been there years ago and was not familiar with the park at all. Before every session, I always pray for it to go well, that I am a light to the family, that the husband has a good time (the mom and kids usually have no problem with that part!), and that God leads me to the perfect place for the family. Wow! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect session.

I pulled in, parked in the first lot I found near Lake Arthur figuring we would just use the lake but first, I decided to walk down a path to see if I saw anything before meeting up with Mandi's family. It took me about five minutes before I found the most beautiful moss covered spot in the woods. My son kept calling all the woods a magical forest and I wish he were with us to see how I actually did find a magical forest! I could barely contain myself!

The session was amazing. Evelyn slept the entire time, we had the most amazing assistant accompany us, and Tylee did a great job at finding fairies in this magical forest we stumbled upon.

Congratulations, Mandi and Scott! You are beyond blessed with two beautiful girls. And Tylee just stole my heart with her sweetness and curiosity. I hope it doesn't take another four years before we meet again.