Saturday, August 24, 2013

Olivia, 8 months old and ready to walk! | Glendale, AZ Phoenix West Valley Baby Photographer

This month has been so much fun getting to see three babies who I got to photograph when they were newborns. The last time, I saw Miss Olivia she was four months and full of smiles. This time was no different! She was either smiling with her mouth wide open or just staring at me, again, with her mouth wide open. How stinkin' cute! And those eyes!

I have only done an in home lifestyle session for newborns so I wanted to try it for an older baby. I've done in the homes where I've set up a little studio but not anywhere else in the home. Olivia's mommy was on board to let us shoot in their bedroom and living room. It was so much fun.

Every time I go into a shoot, I try to find things that will make the family act natural and smile or laugh on their own. Even though it wasn't what I was planning, it was accomplished when I almost got my head cut off in their fan...okay, I'm being a drama queen, but I sure did scare her parents when my hair stopped the moving fan. Instead of taking time to make sure I was okay, I hopped off the bed and got some really great smiles! And later, I got more natural smiles and laughter when one of their dogs covered my ear and face with slobber while giving me kisses. Of course, I kept shooting because the reactions were so perfect and what I always strive for!

This time, we even got to include Olivia's furry sisters - Angel and Kona! They were just great models. They even came out to the park with us for a little even though it was hot and humid and miserable outside.

She's growing so fast and just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Oh, and did I mention that she was totally ready to walk! Yes, at eight months, she comfortably stood on her own. At one point, I really thought she was just going to walk right up to me. Cant' wait to see her running around in a few short months! 


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