Thursday, August 1, 2013

Corbin's First Birthday | Glendale, Arizona Baby Photographer

I can't believe Corbin is already one! I got to see him a few months ago for a quick little shoot, but this time he was all mine for over two hours! What a sweet, happy little boy.

Because of the extreme heat and his early bedtime, we decided to set up a studio inside their home. It worked great even though Corbin wanted to crawl EVERYWHERE except on the wood floor. It took great strategy between his mom and I so that I could get some shots. He sat still for a few seconds with a toy, but for a little while longer if confined in a prop. Once we figured that out, he spent quite a bit of time in a basket of some sort. By the end, we were both exhausted!

Besides Corbin wanting to come sit on my lap (so sweet!) or crawl completely away or push the chair across the room, I had the hardest time getting smiles. He kept looking at me but I think there was just too much going on. I was determined because his little cheesy face is sooo adorable!

The very last frames, I am not kidding, the very last ten pictures I took (in rapid fire mode because I was NOT missing my opportunity!), he smiled so big for me. Success!!!! Throw the confetti and let's call it a day. Oh wait, that is what we did...well, we threw the confetti early but the remnants were all around him!

Mr. Corbin, you have the cutest little face and sweetest little personality. You have my heart, little boy. Be extra good for your momma and having an amazing year learning new things about your world.


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