Friday, August 9, 2013

Amelia, nine days new | Surprise, Arizona Newborn Photographer

I could not wait to meet Miss Amelia. We scheduled her session and have been planning her arrival (her parents probably even more so than me!) for a long time. I had some new props and blankets and was dying to use them. 

When I arrived, I was welcomed by a sweet little face...Amelia's big brother, Benjamin. Oh, he had me at hello! It was a special weekend for him as well since he just celebrated his second birthday! I never know how two year olds are going to do or if they're going to warm up to me quickly, but I had no worries with Benjamin. It helped that he is already so vocal and communicative. 

Their living room on the darker side which is great for Arizona heat but not as great for pictures so we went outside for some family shots. Thankfully, it was only in the 90's with a little cloud cover. Benjamin totally stole the show but it was okay because Miss Amelia shined when we got to her portraits. Benjamin is going to be the best big brother! He gives the best big brother kisses and hugs!

The second half of the session was pure bliss. A sleepy dreamy gorgeous baby, amazing light and a sweet connection between a momma and her baby girl, I was in heaven. Any time Amelia would start to fuss, her mom would just rub her tiny head which soothed her immediately. I love being able to watch a parent just stare at their new bundle of joy in complete awe and love. 

I'm still learning how to pose newborns especially because I want to keep them extremely safe, and I'm so thankful Amelia was the perfect little angel allowing me to try different things. I'm also thankful this family allowed me to come in their home for many hours to capture such a sweet and precious time in their lives...the arrival of their baby girl. 

Congratulations, Kelley Family! May this year bring you lots of joy and happiness!


  1. Wow great job Adriane! I really really love the individual shot of the baby girl with her hand on her chest, not only is it stunning, but it is so unique! I have not seen a newborn shot quite like that- perfect! Beautiful family :)

    1. Thanks, Mandi! I love how moody it looks with the velvet shimmering and the editing. Can't wait to meet your little one! 4 weeks!