Saturday, August 24, 2013

Olivia, 8 months old and ready to walk! | Glendale, AZ Phoenix West Valley Baby Photographer

This month has been so much fun getting to see three babies who I got to photograph when they were newborns. The last time, I saw Miss Olivia she was four months and full of smiles. This time was no different! She was either smiling with her mouth wide open or just staring at me, again, with her mouth wide open. How stinkin' cute! And those eyes!

I have only done an in home lifestyle session for newborns so I wanted to try it for an older baby. I've done in the homes where I've set up a little studio but not anywhere else in the home. Olivia's mommy was on board to let us shoot in their bedroom and living room. It was so much fun.

Every time I go into a shoot, I try to find things that will make the family act natural and smile or laugh on their own. Even though it wasn't what I was planning, it was accomplished when I almost got my head cut off in their fan...okay, I'm being a drama queen, but I sure did scare her parents when my hair stopped the moving fan. Instead of taking time to make sure I was okay, I hopped off the bed and got some really great smiles! And later, I got more natural smiles and laughter when one of their dogs covered my ear and face with slobber while giving me kisses. Of course, I kept shooting because the reactions were so perfect and what I always strive for!

This time, we even got to include Olivia's furry sisters - Angel and Kona! They were just great models. They even came out to the park with us for a little even though it was hot and humid and miserable outside.

She's growing so fast and just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Oh, and did I mention that she was totally ready to walk! Yes, at eight months, she comfortably stood on her own. At one point, I really thought she was just going to walk right up to me. Cant' wait to see her running around in a few short months! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Amanda, baby bump in the desert | West Valley Arizona Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Amanda and Andrew are in the Air Force and recently moved to Arizona from England! Being new to the desert, they wanted to document Amanda's pregnancy in this gorgeous oasis we live in. We met at sunset, but just missed the sun. It ended up working great. The conditions (in Arizona in August) couldn't have been more perfect. After the shoot, however, was a different story! I have never driven through a dust storm while in the desert and I hope I never have to again.

And! She looked amazing. We had such a fun time trying to figure out what she was going to wear. I think she sent me at least four or five selfies of different tops and when she sent the teal, I loved the way it fit her but when I got the purple shirt text, I knew that was it! She got her make up professionally done and her eyes just popped. Stunning! 

Amanda was absolutely glowing and so much fun to photograph. I loved how the wind started to kick up to give her some awesome flowy hair.

I'm so excited to meet your bundle of joy, Miss Amanda and Mr. Andrew! Thank you so much for such a fun session in the desert.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lindsey, Eight Months Old radiating in beautiful light | Phoenix, AZ Baby Photographer

Oh, Lindsey! My third of the month! I am really loving this age and good thing, because I have two more eight month olds in the next few weeks.

Following suit, because of the 100+ degree temperatures, we decided to do some studio type pictures inside and then head to a local park. Both of which were just perfect for Lindsey's eight month session!

We started at Lindsey's new house in Phoenix, which they haven't even moved into yet. So thankful they were willing to do them there because it worked great. We had lots of room to set up and no furniture to move around. Lindsey even got to pose with her "protectors" this time. She looked like a little jungle princess!

While getting a tour of their new beautiful house they put so much work into, I noticed a stack, I'm talking floor to ceiling stack, of guitar cases in the back room. I had no idea Lindsey's dad was a musician so I asked if he'd be willing to take one of his baby's out to the park.  I think he was happy I asked and when we got to the park, it was such a perfect setting for some serenading. I LOVE listening to a live guitar and thankfully, Lindsey did too. There were so many sweet moments, I could've just kept shooting. Instead, we got some family shots and ended with Lindsey radiating with the sun's warm glow.

Happy eight months, sweet girl. You keep getting more and more beautiful every time I see you. I really don't think your eyes can get any more sparkly. I'm excited you even warmed up to me this time. Can't wait for your cake smash session in December!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Lyla, seven months old and her beautiful parents | Surprise, AZ Baby and Family Photographer

I had the opportunity to meet this family back in January when their lives where changed with their brand new baby girl. Lyla was only six days when I got to cuddle her in my arms. She was just a doll then and even more so when I got to see her again for her seven month photo session. And her parents, they are two of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met.

The idea for this session was to shoot indoors for most of Lyla's pictures then out to some grass for a few family photos.

I've had some smiley babies, but nothing like Lyla. My very first frame was the cheesiest smile I've ever gotten from a baby under a year. I knew from that point on that we were going to have a fun time. It was actually hard to get her to look away from the camera.

The orange grove by my house was a perfect place to let this family play! There were even tiny spots of tall grass. Tall grass excites me (probably a little too much!) since it's an anomaly here in the desert. Lyla had so much fun getting thrown up in the air, planking, playing with the grass, playing with her mommy's necklace and hanging out with her parents.

What an amazingly beautiful and sweet family. I just love what I do. I feel so blessed that God decided to give me this talent that I get to share with people like Lyla's family.