Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rock Your Socks Off Stylized Session! | Surprise, AZ Fun Child Photographer

Back in March, I wanted to do a little photo session for a promo referral program I was going to run. I asked my friend, Deanna, if I could borrow her daughter (who I just did her three year pics!) to do some fun pictures with my son, Vaughn.

We had so much fun styling this session! Deanna made a tutu and cute choker for Addison and I went to some hand-me-down stores to find a fun outfit for Vaughn. The colors of the shoot were grays, blacks and purples because of my branding colors. They both looked adorable! Seriously matching converse shoes?!

Well, I ended up getting super busy which meant I didn't need to solicit for business (so blessed!) nor did I have time to edit the photos until now. It's amazing how much I've learned just since March. It was fun to go back and work on something I did four months ago though! And I can't believe how much the kiddos have changed since then.

We ended up staying in the neighborhood, gave the kids some instruments, told them to sing, dance, and have fun together. The light was super weird that night with a crazy haze in the sky. It set the tone for our Rock Your Socks off shoot. We didn't really call it that but as I'm typing while tired, that sounded pretty great to me. Ha!

More than anything, I love that my son has these fun pictures of one of his first close friends. I wish I had something like this from my childhood! He probably won't care, but I do!

Enjoy :) Oh, and I get to make some fun referral cards now for my "You Rock" Promotion! Stay tuned!

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