Friday, July 19, 2013

my lil sis | surprise, az photographer

Meet Casandra. Since she was little, I have made her climb trees, dress in ridiculous outfits, cover herself in leaves, run up and down our yard, and pose in the most ridiculous ways all to get the perfect picture; at least in my teenage mind. I have always been obsessed with taking pictures and my first victims, I mean subjects, were my little brother and sister.

My sister turned 21 (!) in June and came out to visit a week before her birthday with our dad. It was quite warm, but I knew she never had professional pictures done other than JC Penney's and studio-type for her senior pics. When she packed, she probably had no idea she'd be doing a photo shoot, but then again, she knows me pretty well!

We went to a neighborhood nearby to check it out since I've never been. The stone bridge was just gorgeous. We took Vaughn along who was quite the adventurer.

It was fun and I hope Cassandra loves her pictures! Can't wait for next time...wink wink!

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