Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Elijah turns ONE! Sesame Street Birthday Party | Phoenix, AZ Event & Baby Photographer

Elijah is one! He just gets cuter and cuter each time I see him. When his mom, Sharon, first contacted me before he was five months, she was already planning his spectacular first birthday. I couldn't wait and after many MANY emails back and forth planning for the day, it finally arrived - on Father's Day!

We started at Elijah's house so we could do some fun solo shots of just him and it worked that they had wood floors and great light in their house that was just perfect. Sharon had so many fun props (some of which she made herself!) - ribbon topiaries (which Elijah just wanted to tear apart so they didn't make it in too many pictures), a "1" sign, a "Happy Birthday" banner, a fun new Elmo chair and of course, the whole Sesame Street gang. Elijah is always so laid back and I never know if I will get any smiles out of him, but he gave me a few!

After our fun little studio-type session we went to his grandparent's house for his PART-AY! The decorations, food, cake, bounce house, one-man band, clown, Elmo, custom birthday song...everything was just perfect for this super special little boy. It is June in Arizona so it was a little toasty but the kids (and adults) really enjoyed themselves. Oh, and he LOVED his new Ferrari remote control car that he could ride in! So cool!

Happy Birthday, sweet Elijah! Can't wait to chase you around in a few shorts months!

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