Thursday, July 18, 2013

Eliana, 5 years old & Nathan, 7 years old | Scottsdale, AZ Child Photographer

This family has a special place in my heart and memory. They were the second family I took pictures of that I didn't know prior to our session...and I keep getting to see them! Every time we meet, I have some kind of new equipment and they just keep getting more beautiful. So thankful to have them as clients and friends! 

The past two sessions we did were for Christmas family photos, this time, we were celebrating two little people's birthdays! Five and seven, such fun ages!
Eliana, as usual, hammed it up for the camera. I was so excited to get some non-smiling pictures of her this time. Seriously, what color are her eyes? When the light hits them perfectly, they just light up! I honestly don't think she could take a bad picture. She is so gorgeous! Even in the heat (yes, we took pictures outside in July in Arizona), she didn't complain once. Instead, she had fun posing for me and chasing after bunnies and ducks!

Nathan hammed it up in a different way. He cracks me up! I love his "gangsta" pose he constantly tries to do. And this time, he was just full of ideas! Without my direction, he grabbed his sister's hand and decided to dance with her in the gorgeous sun light and later, he came up with the idea to put his parents in the frame as we were only going to do with him and his sister. Two of my favorite pictures from this session were his idea. I loved watching his brain work!

Thank you so much, Paul, Susan, Eliana and Nathan for another fun session. The location worked perfectly too! Can't wait to see you again soon!!!

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