Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Addison, three years old having fun in the orange groves | Surprise, AZ Child Photographer

To date, I think this has to be my favorite session. I have been wanting a certain look to my photos and am constantly looking at others and comparing and studying and learning (and driving my husband nuts)...but wait for it...Doo Doo Doooo or insert a drum roll here...this is it! And it didn't hurt that my little model isn't only gorgeous but so incredibly fun to photograph. She sure knows how to have enjoy herself!

I always go into a session wanting to just let the kid play and capture them doing what they do best, but I end up making them pose and making them look into my camera versus letting them naturally do it. I did a little of that with Addison but for the most part, I just let her do her thing and truly captured her being...her!

My favorite picture is of her with her hands on her shoulders. To get her to do this, I was asking her if a chicken said, "moo", instead, she was trying to flap like a chicken and said it says, "quack, quack..." LOVE IT!

I got to photograph Addison back in March and I was extremely excited when her mom asked me to do her three year photos especially since her mom is a pretty darn good photographer herself. She asked me on Sunday and we did the pictures on Monday! She kept going back and forth whether or not she needed more time. I felt bad for the rush but we had a break in the weather with it only being in the low nineties with clouds. And we met at my new favorite location. It couldn't have  been more perfect. So thank you miss Addison's mommy for getting her (super cute outfit) together so quickly!

Addison has the biggest and sweetest personality. My boys absolutely adore her and Vaughn often tells me often that she is his "bestest" friend. I can't wait to watch her grow. I enjoy every minute we spend with her and her family.

Happy Birthday, Miss A! You are just stunning and I know it in my heart, that this is going to be such a wonderful year for you!