Sunday, June 30, 2013

Triplet Land! | Phoenix, AZ baby photographer

When I moved to Arizona after I graduated college, my first job was at a non-profit in Tempe. I planned events and absolutely loved what I did. One of the reasons I loved it was because I got to work with a really incredible girl. She made it extremely enjoyable and fun in the long crazy hours we would put in. She even was the first person to introduce me to yoga! And she probably doesn't even realize it but she taught me my first skills in Photoshop which is what I use daily in editing my photos. So, thanks, Amy!

Since our days of planning events, we both have had different jobs and houses. I saw on Facebook that she recently had three little blessings - Lucy, Nora (identical twins) and Jack! How sweet are those names? And just wait until you see their sweet little faces! I reached out to her hoping she would let me come photograph her new bundles of joy. She agreed and my heart was extremely excited. I couldn't wait to see her and her husband, Chris again and their new family.

As soon as we got a date on the calendar, I asked my close friend and fellow photographer, Stephanie of Telltales Photography if she would tag along with me. She agreed which then made my heart sigh in relief! I really don't know how Amy does it every day. She truly is a SUPER mom!
The babies were three months old on the day we got to meet them, but their gestational age was a lot younger so they slept really well as long as they were wrapped. Our goal for the session was to be quick and to capture this new family as they are - a true "lifestyle" session.

They had a little "baby apartment" as Amy called it upstairs so that's where the pictures took place. I worked on getting everyone while Stephanie took care of the detailed shots with her macro lens. It was so much fun working as a team and telling each other what ISO we were at and trying to figure out how we wanted the light to fall on their faces. And of course, extra hands with triplets is always a bonus.

Amy and Chris - thank you so incredibly much for letting Stephanie and I come capture some amazing memories of the two of you with your brand new family. And thank you for letting us cuddle Nora, Lucy and Jack! I can't believe you're a family of FIVE! You are going to have the most incredible time raising your three beautiful kids.  You are both parent super heroes. Can't wait to see you again soon!

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