Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rayburn, family session in the garden | Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with photography. When I became a mom, it went to a whole new level. Part of it was because I don't have many childhood pictures of myself and wanted to make sure my kids' lives were fully documented (sorry, boys, I may have gone overboard at times!). Also, I just had the cutest kids to take pictures of!

I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing families through some mom groups I joined after having my first son. And of course, I always had my camera in tow - every event, birthday party, play date, etc. I never set out to become a photographer or own my own business. I blame all of this on two families. One of which is my sweet dear-to-my-heart friends, the Rayburns, Michelle, Mark, Christine and Steven.

For Christine's second birthday, her mom non-chalantly was like, "Hey, I'll pay you to take some birthday pictures." I had a "nice camera", and just got my 50mm lens even though I had to  manually focus, (yeah, I hope I NEVER have to do that again), but I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't know what saying yes to that session meant. It's how this all began!!!

Since then, I have photographed this beautiful family many times along with many other kiddos and families. Steven, the cute little blue-eyed dude was even my first newborn session! Ahhh, look at him now, he's approaching two years! I really wouldn't be where I was today without my first paid shoot. Oh, and I have to mention that Mark is the one responsible for all of my awesome art and look. Thankful is an understatement about how I feel when it comes to this family.

This year, they got a free session for referring so many families to me last year. Ya, not only were they my first family and first newborn and first birthday party, but my business was kicked off by all the referrals they sent my way - the biggest compliment anyone can give me. Michelle is my number one cheerleader and always in my corner. So incredibly blessed to have her in my life!

Because of the gifted shoot, we decided to go somewhere in Phoenix that is extremely gorgeous, lush and GREEN but has a fee associated to take pictures there - the Japanese Friendship Garden. Neither of us had ever been. Besides being a great place for a session, it was a great place to get refreshed and just enjoy all the beauty. We even had the entire garden to ourselves for two hours! Bliss!

I could ramble on forever about this family, our friendships, this session, the amazing time we had, the wonderful ideas and planning we did, the gorgeous people, but instead, I'll end on this note: I love you, Rayburn Family! Thank you for believing in me and letting me be part of capturing so many moments in your lives. Xoxoxo!


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