Monday, June 10, 2013

Julia is ONE!! | Surprise, AZ baby photographer

I loved every bit of this session. New location, new family, bright colors, cool new textures and props...I was in heaven!

I feel like I've been describing all the families I take photos of as sweet but they all are! These sweet little family of three were beyond easy and super fun to hang out with. They just, I mean literally JUST moved to Arizona to relocate to Luke Air Force Base. When I discovered this location last minute, I asked him if we could go there and they were up for it. The orchards were being irrigated so there was a ton of mud we had to walk through. There was also crazy weeds and random farm equipment, all of which this family was totally cool with climbing on top of or going into. Super laid back = super fun poses and moments to capture!

Oh and Julia. Miss Julia. She was the BEST part of this session. It was a tad hot so she wasn't  displaying her normal happy smiles but it really didn't matter. One look at this beauty and you will be wrapped around her finger. Really! Her eyes are so captivating and her sweet little face is just so darn precious. And she is just a tiny little thing!

In one year old fashion, we ended the session in some tall grass and orange groves (ahhh...I've been searching high AND low for tall grass in the desert and I found it! Woo hoo!!) with a cake smash! She didn't mind eating lots and lots of pink frosting. When I was putting my camera away she was all smiles! I keep telling myself it was just the sugar.

Happy Birthday, Miss Julia! You are one gorgeous little girl. You are going to be all over the place super soon and learn so much about this little world we live in. Lots of love!

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