Friday, June 14, 2013

Jacob, nine months | Surprise, AZ Baby Photographer

I couldn't wait to see little Jacob again! He was barely sitting up last time I saw him. I swear his eyes got even bluer and more sparkly!

We met early in the morning before it got too hot. It was pretty toasty in the sun but comfortable in the shade.

We went to a few spots in Marley Park and ended at the splash pad. I have never had a baby as smiley as him. He was just cracking me up! We would sit him down and he would be busy looking at rocks or grass or whatever was nearby but then would look up at me with the BIGGEST open mouth smile for just a second before going back to what he was looking at. And every time, his tongue would be sticking out or his mouth would be wide open. Just a happy content baby!! By the time we got to the water part, I think he was all out of smiles but they are still my favorite from the session. He did so well crawling around!

Can't wait to see him again in three months. I really don't think he can get any cuter!

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