Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Jon, Alison and the cutest little two year old | Peoria, AZ Family Child Photographer

Alison contacted me because she saw pictures on her friend's facebook page. I was beyond thrilled to hear she wanted to book a session. After discussing some possible locations, they decided on oldtown Peoria for a more urban feel. I have been there once in the morning so I was excited to head down there in the evening to check out some different walls and areas. It happened to be super overcast so we were able to go almost anywhere! Score!

I hadn't seen any photos of this family before I met them. Once you see this little girls' peircing blue eyes, you'll probably have the same reaction I did when I peeked back into their car to see her. Rachel is just gorgeous and those eyes won me over immediately. Then her sweet demeanor won me over even more.

We had fun going from spot to spot letting Rachel play, run, dance and sing. She especially loved running to her dad and Alison. Every time they would catch her, she had the biggest smile on her face and was ready for more as was I!

It was beyond easy to capture the relationship Alison has with her daddy. I barely had to direct them. Their relationship is truly special!

The session ended with a mini street performance by the one and only, Rachel. We even found a little patch of grass and plants for her to smell some sweet flowers. Well, I'm not so sure they smelled sweet but she sure looked sweet sniffing them!

Thank you, Jon, Alison and Rachel for being you and for letting me capture the love you have for each other.

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