Monday, May 27, 2013

Life is fun and crazy with two little boys - Ryder, four years old + Kaenaan, 20 months | Surprise, Arizona Family Photographer

This whole business thing happened kind of by accident. Being a photographer, I guess was inevitable because I have such a deep desire in my heart to always capture moments and I happen to have a nice camera I get to do that with. But I never ever thought I'd be running my own business while meeting so many amazing families. 

The whole "by accident" thing was because a few friends I met through a moms group, had faith in me and trusted me to take pictures of their kiddos. This family is one of them. I have known Ryder since he was thirteen months and Kaenaan since he was born. I've had the opportunity to take a ton of photos of  both boys and their entire family. Kaenaan was my very first baby I got to photograph during his first year of life. Grateful doesn't even explain how I feel. 

With every session we do, we're never quite sure how the boys are going to act. They are typical rambunctious energy-filled boys! I remind their mom every time that we are going to let them do what they do best - PLAY! And guess what, it works! I would show her a picture and she'd ask, "when did he pose like that?" The answer is, he didn't! Almost every smiley picture I got of the boys was because they had just fallen or were having too much fun playing. 
I can't believe we went to three locations! They were all within a few miles of each other, but still, I am thankful they trusted me with what I had envisioned for this session. 

We started at a spot off the side of the road that had really large eucalyptus trees, tree trunks, a cement pipe, amongst other fun natural props. It wasn't easy to get the whole family together but as long as we let the kids do their own thing, it was enjoyable and I was able to snap away! 
The second stop was also on the side of the road. We weren't there long, but long enough to get a nice family photo and some of the boys and their momma. Thankfully the family knows me and hopefully they don't think I'm too crazy because I changed my mind about four times about what I wanted to do there or if I wanted to leave without getting the boys out.

Lastly, we ended up in Marley Park to let the boys be super heroes. The boy's new room is going to be super hero themed. I can't wait to see these photos displayed in their room! This was the most fun for me minus feeling like I was going to pass out from running so much. How I got the boys in focus is beyond my comprehension because there were times where I was actually sprinting after them. My favorite photos are the "super heroes on break" when they were eating lollipops. I had a chalkboard with me and am bummed I forgot to use it. But the photos are still so cute! 

Lisa, Jason, Ryder and Kaenaan - thank you so much for being you. I love watching your family grow!!! And thank you for trusting me with location and vision. And thank you, Lisa for always dressing the boys SO CUTE!! I hope you love your photos as much as I do! 

love, laugh, new motto! 


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