Thursday, May 16, 2013

Erin, beautiful Willow Canyon High School Senior | Surprise, AZ High School Senior Photographer

And yet again, another great session with an awesome senior!

I am finding that I really like working with seniors. I have many reasons - they usually listen when I give them direction, they know where to look in the camera, my camera bag is fairly light because there is no need for bribes and toys, and most of all, I get to spend time making them feel beautiful and I get to take photos that marks such a huge milestone in their lives. They are graduating high school!

This senior was extra special to work with because her whole family joined us. Her dad was quite the assistant and got really good with the reflector, which was needed with all that crazy sun! Besides not having a single cloud in the sky, the wind was insane. I couldn't believe how windy it was. Erin really worked it even though I don't think she saw the wind as her friend while we were shooting.

With three outfit changes and two locations, it was a long session, but it just gave me more time to get to know Miss Erin and stare deeply into her crazy blue eyes. Okay, that could sound creepy but seriously, her eyes are just off the charts! It looks like they are enhanced but they weren't. Her eyes give meaning to crystal blue!

She is heading off to Texas in the fall for University of Texas at Tyler. I know her family is going to miss her dearly but she is going to have the time of her life!

Thank you again, Ball family for spending an evening with me. And congrats to you, Erin and good luck in Texas!!!

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