Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Starner Family | Buckeye, AZ Family Photographer

I met this wonderful family through swim lessons last summer. They happen to be from Pennsylvania like me and my husband. It has been so wonderful getting to know them and watching my son and Miss A's relationship change as they get older. I was so excited to take pictures of this family especially since they hadn't had family pictures since Miss A was just a baby.

Typically my family sessions are because of a child's birthday or for a specific reason. In that case, I seem to focus just on that child. But for this family session it was all about their relationship with each other. We got to go to multiple locations which I rarely get to do. We started at their home since they live down the street from me, then drove up to Verrado to some gorgeous grass and a fountain, then moved to a golf club then headed to the desert and ended near the mountains. The sun had disappeared at our last spot but we were still able to finish with Miss A enjoying the wild flowers.

I have been afraid of the desert because of the bright sun and reflective ground, but after this session, can't wait to head back! My absolute favorite pictures are of little Miss A dancing in the desert. Her mom had told me before the session that she was learning some new songs at music class which we were able to sing when she was starting to not want to take photos. I love capturing personalities and I just love this little girl! 

Another thing I was told before the session was how Miss A loves Austin Moon. Apparently, he's a character on a Disney tween show that she has just fallen in love with. Instead of using a reflector, I had a white foam board with me that I put Austin's face on. It worked like a charm! I cannot believe the smiles we got out of her for Austin! When we were packing up, Miss A ran over to me and asked, "Can I please see Austin one more time?" I snapped a quick picture of her and her crush. CUTENESS!!

Thank you so much, Starner Family, for letting me capture your family. And thank you for being such great friends to our family. I can't wait to watch your family grow!

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