Friday, April 12, 2013

Lindsey, Four Months Old | Glendale, Arizona Baby Photographer

I just love watching babies grow and change and become little people. It's been a few months since I saw little Lindsey so I couldn't wait. Wow! Her eyes just sparkle with such a beautiful color blue. 

Lindsey wasn't as excited to see me but thankfully she loved being with her mommy and daddy. She gave me a few smiles, but wasn't super happy until she was strapped in her car seat.

We met at a park I had never been before. I knew it was in an older part of town so I was hoping for huge trees. That is definitely what we got! The little man-made lake was cute but wish it smelled cute too. Ha! It didn't seem to bother little Lindsey though. 

The park was pretty busy with a ton of families. From the photos, you would never know. There were even a couple of bike vendors (I think that is what they are called) with all kinds of goodies. We had to stop and get a snow cone, of course. And I just was excited he got a nice bright blue one! 

Happy four months, Lindsey. I'm excited I get to see you with all your cousins next month and then again when you're eight months old! Can't wait! 

She wasn't very happy lying down so I jumped on the opportunity and got a fun fee shot!
I tried so hard to get her to look up at me but she was too interested in the duck and leaves. I think this is still super cute...just hanging out with mommy and daddy's feet!
So sweet! Lindsey was all ready to go in her car seat so we got a few shots of just her parents.

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