Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eddie, one day old | Phoenix, AZ Newborn Photographer

When I first heard from this mama-to-be, she was inquiring about newborn and hospital photos. I got a little excited when she mentioned hospital. We weren't sure it if would work based on schedules, but he came in perfect timing!

I think my absolute favorite time to photograph a family is in the hospital after having a baby. I can just be a fly on the wall (or a crazy lady with a huge camera trying to squeeze around the furniture in the small hospital rooms) and not only snap away, but witness such an incredible love. A connection between a husband and wife and the new relationship between a brand new life and his parents.

Eddie was incredibly sweet and simply gorgeous. I never got to see his eyes because like a baby, he slept the entire time I was there. Now, if he would do that every night at home!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Eddie. April 12, 2013, 7lbs 13oz and 23" long. Born in Phoenix, AZ! 


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