Friday, April 12, 2013

Audrey + James, awaiting little Eddie | Glendale, AZ Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Audrey found me through a referral of someone I've never even met! That is one huge compliment. So thankful!

With my new found favorite spot in Oldtown Glendale, I asked Audrey if she was more into urban or white picket fences and ivy. Being from the same part of the country, we both preferred the white picket fence feel. It was just a perfect setting for these two little love birds as they get ready to welcome their little Eddie into the world. How cute is his name and how cute are his bow tie and shoes???

She had just the perfect little touches and outfits for this short and sweet little session. For some reason, I was really wanting to do a picture with her blowing bubbles. I thought it was fun. This will be something she'll be doing for years, right?

I have been a little behind because we took these pictures when Audrey was 38 weeks - yes, 38 weeks and looking that Ah-Mazing (!) - and guess what! He made his debut today! I can't wait to meet him tomorrow in the hospital and then again for his newborn session in his new crib. No pun intended. Okay, it was intended. LOL!

Happy Birthday, Little Man. Look how beautiful your momma looked while you were in her tummy. AND your daddy even shaved off his mustache (you'll learn all about it when you're older but there's something called Mustache March in the Air Force) to look all handsome for these photos. You are going to have such an incredible life!


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