Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cruz, 6 months and Chloe, almost ONE! | Glendale, AZ Baby Photography

Cruz is another one of my babies. Okay, not my personal baby but a baby who I get to see every three months for photos. I have a confession to make - I offer the first year packages for selfish reason. It's so I get to see the little ones grow and maybe enjoy a few baby cuddles and high fives, too. My favorite part is not only to see how they are changing physically but also how they are just growing into their personality.

Cruz is a CHARMER! As soon as I went up to him, he gave me the most flirtatious smiles. It totally worked as I just melted. I went back to my car to get a few things as was his mom, but I noticed he was just smiling at nothing in his stroller. What a happy baby! And of course, it's always great to see the parents again as well. Cruz's momma looked amazing!

In addition to Cruz and Briana, I got a bonus with this session. Cruz's older (but littler) cousin, Chloe and her parents joined us for a fun little exploration in Oldtown Glendale. Chloe may be small but she was already walking! She and my Nolan are just ONE day a part and he's not even close to walking, but she was all over the place. It was fun to let her take off while she used both of her arms for balance.

We found one spot that worked great for the kiddos and ended at a little park. With Easter around the corner, we did a few Easter shots, some fun birthday balloon shots for little Miss Chloe and Cruz transformed into a little football - absolutely ADORABLE!

I just can't wait to see what Cruz is doing at nine months!

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