Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caroline, almost 5 weeks new | Surprise, Arizona Newborn Photographer

I had the opportunity to meet this gorgeous baby's momma through one of my closest friends at the end of last summer. They are a military family and moved just down the road. We happen to have kiddos just a month a part so we have gotten together for many play dates!

Without finding the gender until the baby was due, we were all shocked that this family welcomed a second baby girl. Personally, I thought she was having a baby boy. How exciting though!!!

I just got to spend a short time with Miss Caroline. Her mom just wanted a few shots of her at such a tiny time in her life. She was super sweet and as long as she was swaddled, she was comfortably sleeping. Her big sister was very gentle and excited to get pictures with her. Can't wait to watch her grow over these next few years while they are stationed in Arizona.

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