Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful Haley Senior Portraits | Surprise, AZ Valley Vista High School Senior Photography

Meet Miss Haley. 



I was over-the-moon excited to find out I was going to get to do my first senior portraits session, but even more excited it was with Haley. I mean, seriously, wait until you see how much fun we had! She is just beautiful and sweet and her heart is a thousand times more beautiful and sweet. 

Towards the beginning of her session, I asked her if she meant to keep her orange bracelet on. She said it was for her cousin who has cancer. She mentioned that he can't just take his cancer off so she made the decision to not just take the bracelet off for photos. If you want to learn more about Keegan's story or to make a donation (as we all know medical bills can be quite expensive), please go to his website

Every picture I edited, I would see that bracelet and say a prayer for Keegen. Thank you, Haley, for being such a light!
We had a blast gallivanting through Oldtown Glendale - my new favorite location! We definitely came across a few interesting sights, but it didn't stop Miss Haley from workin' it! I loved all the brick for one feel and all the vines for a totally different look all with the same beautiful girl. 

We had a fun time collaborating to come up with different shots. I think we had some good team work! 
Thank you so much, Haley for letting me spend time with you and for your patience as I learn how to pose a teenager (it's a little different than what I do chasing around toddlers and babies)! You are going to shake and change this world!!!

"Wherever you go,
go with all your heart.
" ~Confucius 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tyri, 9 months | Surprise, AZ Baby Photographer

I just love this little girl. Not only is she super happy and adorable and beautiful and sweet...(I could go on), but she's also just so easy to photograph. She didn't even seem to mind the butterfly wings or her awesome hair piece. We had a fun time taking just a few pictures of her at a nearby park. We also ended up setting up a backdrop in my son's room. I think I might have a future studio location!

Happy nine months, Miss Tyri! I just love spending time with you (and your family!).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little Mr. Jacob, 6 months old | Surprise, Arizona Baby Photographer

Meet little Mr. Jacob! 
I think he may be the most expressive baby I've photographed. Thankfully, all of his faces were that of pure happiness. Well, he was extremely happy until the very end, but it was a perfect time for some cuddles with his mama. 

This family was beyond easy to take candid pictures of because every time I'd leave them to go scout out the next place or get something from my bag, they would just be playing with their little boy. He loved being thrown in the air, tickled, lifted up, and we discovered he loves dirt! What little boy doesn't? I got to the point where I would just turn my back to see what else I could capture that was just natural and filled with love. My absolute favorite part of what I do. Yes, the posed, everyone is smiling at the camera are nice to have, but the candid, natural, "this is how we really are", is what I strive to capture every. single. time. 

And the giggles. Oh, we just had him laughing so hard with his beyond adorable mustache pacifier. I wish I had someone recording it, because he had us all giggling.

Happy six months little man! I can't wait to see what you're up to in a few months. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cruz, 6 months and Chloe, almost ONE! | Glendale, AZ Baby Photography

Cruz is another one of my babies. Okay, not my personal baby but a baby who I get to see every three months for photos. I have a confession to make - I offer the first year packages for selfish reason. It's so I get to see the little ones grow and maybe enjoy a few baby cuddles and high fives, too. My favorite part is not only to see how they are changing physically but also how they are just growing into their personality.

Cruz is a CHARMER! As soon as I went up to him, he gave me the most flirtatious smiles. It totally worked as I just melted. I went back to my car to get a few things as was his mom, but I noticed he was just smiling at nothing in his stroller. What a happy baby! And of course, it's always great to see the parents again as well. Cruz's momma looked amazing!

In addition to Cruz and Briana, I got a bonus with this session. Cruz's older (but littler) cousin, Chloe and her parents joined us for a fun little exploration in Oldtown Glendale. Chloe may be small but she was already walking! She and my Nolan are just ONE day a part and he's not even close to walking, but she was all over the place. It was fun to let her take off while she used both of her arms for balance.

We found one spot that worked great for the kiddos and ended at a little park. With Easter around the corner, we did a few Easter shots, some fun birthday balloon shots for little Miss Chloe and Cruz transformed into a little football - absolutely ADORABLE!

I just can't wait to see what Cruz is doing at nine months!

Caroline, almost 5 weeks new | Surprise, Arizona Newborn Photographer

I had the opportunity to meet this gorgeous baby's momma through one of my closest friends at the end of last summer. They are a military family and moved just down the road. We happen to have kiddos just a month a part so we have gotten together for many play dates!

Without finding the gender until the baby was due, we were all shocked that this family welcomed a second baby girl. Personally, I thought she was having a baby boy. How exciting though!!!

I just got to spend a short time with Miss Caroline. Her mom just wanted a few shots of her at such a tiny time in her life. She was super sweet and as long as she was swaddled, she was comfortably sleeping. Her big sister was very gentle and excited to get pictures with her. Can't wait to watch her grow over these next few years while they are stationed in Arizona.