Monday, February 18, 2013

Stacey and Koryn fun urban session | Chandler, AZ Family Teen Photographer

Two things that make me so extremely over the top bursting at the seems with excitement are an explosion of bright colors and awesome light. I love love loved this session because it had BOTH! And this mother daughter pair are just beautiful.

This was something different for me - no toddlers and no grass. I absolutely loved it though. I am so incredibly thankful Stacey scouted out the area for me since I live a little far from Chandler to find some great spots. And Koryn and Stacey did such a great job coordinating their outfits to add lots of color. I loved that when Stacey got out of the car, she opened the back of her car and it was full of furniture and props. Props are something I always forget about but I think we managed to use almost everything they brought and it really added to the photos.

Besides the color and light and fun location, I just adore these two. We had such a great time together and as you can tell from the pictures they have an amazing relationship that was so easy to capture.

Thank you again, Stacey and Koryn for your awesome creativity and for just being awesome!

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