Saturday, December 21, 2013

Colorful family of four | Surprise, AZ Family Photographer

This session has to be one of my favorites I have done this Fall. Hands down! We went to my favorite ranch, they're styling was perfect with pops of BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT color, and we had a lot of laughs. My cheeks hurt afterwards from laughing so hard.

I say this every time I blog about this family, but they were one of my very first families I have ever taken and have been one of my biggest cheerleaders. They are beyond sweet to me by referring their friends and having me photograph their adorable family multiple times throughout the year. I love you, Menchaca Family.

More about the session details... Well, let's just say there may have been some follow the leader, lots of parent loving on some cutie kids, fun stare downs, possibly a splinter in the behind (sorry about that Nathan!), and some AH-Mazing singing by yours truly. This family may beg to differ. HA! I was getting so many posed smiles, that at the end, I was forced to pull out the tambourine, a bright green one, and just started belting out a song the kids and I heard on the radio as we drove to a different spot on the ranch. We were all laughing hysterically. I'm surprised the pictures were even in focus from all the "song and dance."

Susan, Paul, Eliana and Nathan, I absolutely love watching your family through my lens. We also manage to have a great time and get some great pictures. Thank you for being the best! xoxo

Ackel Family | Scottsdale, AZ Family and Child Photographer

This family found me through one of my favorite families I met because of photography. It isn't often that I get to take pictures of older kids who actually understand what I'm saying. There was also no need to bring my singing goat. Even though now that I think of it, I totally should've brought it for some laughs. If you haven't experienced the goat, though, you're totally missing out.Okay, back to this awesome family.

We went to one of my favorite places to shoot thanks to a friend of the Ackel's. Not only did we basically have the club to ourselves, we were just surrounded by beautiful architecture and scenery everywhere we turned. There was even some sun flair in one of the courtyards. Then add this gorgeous family, rainbow tights (hello! adorable!) and fun boots, it could'nt have been more perfect. 

Not only is this a beautiful family, I could just see the love they had for each other which always makes my heart so full. When I was taking pictures of the parents, I looked up to see Piper and Chase just playing some kind of game together. I even got a few shots without them noticing. It was sweet. And there's just something special when a family can joke around with each other and give big group hugs. Seriously, group hugs are essential to every family. Am I right?

Thank you, Ackel family, for letting me spend time with your fun family. I can't wait to see you all again! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dodge Family Christmas Photo Time | Surprise, AZ Family Photographer

Another family that holds a special place in my heart. I met them when they were my very first maternity session. I was so nervous and probably even more spastic than I typically am and yet, they still keep coming back. Love them! And Miss Vivian absolutely cracks me up. It's so fun to watch little ones grow and just form these amazing personalities. She is sure a little spitfire and knows exactly what she wants and now she can tell you what that is.

This was my last mini session in October. We had a gorgeous sunset and perfect weather. Vivian had us chasing her all over the place. She had no problem looking at the camera but I really had to work for those smiles. A new trick I've found is to do pictures of just the parents which she then wanted to be part or wanted to break them apart.  It was so cute!

Thank you, Dodge Family for coming ALL the way out to Surprise for your Christmas pictures. Loved getting to see you all again and chasing around Miss V.

Stevie and TT, Halloween fun | Surprise, AZ Child Photographer

What can I say about these two kiddos?! First, I just adore them both and am so blessed that I have been able to watch them grow over the past almost four years. Christine (AKA: TT) was the very first child I took pictures of and wow, have I learned a lot since then. In fact, I blame her mom on this whole business thing. So incredibly thankful.

This was a fun quick session during my afternoon minis. Since it was right before Halloween, we decided to capture them in their ridiculously cute Woody and Jessie outfits. We had a few minutes to spare so we ended with a few in the truck. TT and Stevie have such a special bond and were so much fun to watch their interactions especially when I told TT to tell her brother a secret. Too cute for words!

Love you, friends!