Monday, November 5, 2012

Nummerdor Family | Surprise, Arizona Family Photographer

This session was very fun and special in so many ways and also challenging as I'm finding it to be with 18 month old toddlers regardless of their temperament. They just want to do what they want to do when they want to do it. They sure give me a good work out!

I used to work in ministry with Becky. From the day I met her, I knew she and her husband, Matt had the biggest hearts. They have been foster parents for a few years. Over 18 months ago, Becky got a call about fostering a newborn baby. Quickly after, he was born and since then, has become such a wonderful addition to this little family. We continually pray for each of them that the adoption will close very soon. So I loved spending time with them to witness the incredible love they both have for this little boy and for each other.

I also loved this session because instead of worrying about making sure all the settings were correct and the composition was perfect as I always fret about, I got to just have fun and get a little creative. We got to even explore some spots that matched perfectly with the fall theme of the shoot.

And lastly, little Isaac kept me on my toes! I got to explore many different ways to make a toddler laugh and smile. My favorite was toward the end when Becky told me she does something with Isaac that Matt didn't know about and then she started swinging him from his ankels. Isaac was having a blast so even Matt joined in. Thank you, Nummerdor Family, for letting me capture your family during such a fun time in little Isaac's life!

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