Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hoffman Family | Peoria, Arizona Family Photographer

Meet the adorable Hoffman family. They recently moved to Arizona and were referred to me by a client/friend. They were incredibly fun to work with - super sweet and just ready to have a good time.

This was my very first "urban" session and I absolutely loved it. I really wish we had big open fields with gorgeous big shade trees, but I live in Arizona (I know, there are some areas with big trees and grass but it's just not the same as where I'm from in Pennsylvania). We have a lot of dirt and desert here.  There are little "gem" spots though that have cool textured walls, bright colors and old buildings.Peoria is one of them.

The streets were pretty empty which was a great thing because we basically went from spot to spot chasing little Isaiah around. Of course, he wanted to run anywhere but on a sidewalk. I would station myself in certain areas and wait until he came in the frame. Or I would just chase him as did his mom and dad. With all that effort (and a little exhaustion) came great pictures of this little man. His older sister, Sarah, was as gorgeous as could be with those striking big crystal blue eyes. Seriously! Out of this world! I think all she cared about the whole time though was getting to feed ducks afterward if she cooperated. I hope those ducks got a lot of yummy snacks because Sarah did amazing!

So here's to the Hoffman family and their move to Arizona and to my new adventure in urban environments!

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