Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hoffman Family | Peoria, Arizona Family Photographer

Meet the adorable Hoffman family. They recently moved to Arizona and were referred to me by a client/friend. They were incredibly fun to work with - super sweet and just ready to have a good time.

This was my very first "urban" session and I absolutely loved it. I really wish we had big open fields with gorgeous big shade trees, but I live in Arizona (I know, there are some areas with big trees and grass but it's just not the same as where I'm from in Pennsylvania). We have a lot of dirt and desert here.  There are little "gem" spots though that have cool textured walls, bright colors and old buildings.Peoria is one of them.

The streets were pretty empty which was a great thing because we basically went from spot to spot chasing little Isaiah around. Of course, he wanted to run anywhere but on a sidewalk. I would station myself in certain areas and wait until he came in the frame. Or I would just chase him as did his mom and dad. With all that effort (and a little exhaustion) came great pictures of this little man. His older sister, Sarah, was as gorgeous as could be with those striking big crystal blue eyes. Seriously! Out of this world! I think all she cared about the whole time though was getting to feed ducks afterward if she cooperated. I hope those ducks got a lot of yummy snacks because Sarah did amazing!

So here's to the Hoffman family and their move to Arizona and to my new adventure in urban environments!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lucy, 3 weeks new | Goodyear, AZ Newborn Photography

I finally got to meet little Lucy! I couldn't wait to hold this sweet precious girl. She had a rough first weeks of life but was healthy and ready to model. It took her a little while to fall asleep but after she did (thanks to her daddy's arms), she was out!

Throughout the year, I've had the opportunity to take pictures of a few newborns allowing me to learn how to position them and how to get the flow of the shoot down. I think it's becoming my favorite type of session. Being able to hold a newborn is just amazing. Also, witnessing the excitement of bringing a new life into this world just tops it for me. But this is the first time I found myself in tears while editing. I am usually so caught up in making sure the pictures are perfectly in focus and sharp and exposed properly and blah...blah...blah... I have forgotten to truly look at the baby in the photo which is pure perfection. God's perfect blessing and creation. When I would zoom in, my eyes would just well up with tears. Lucy is just perfect. It didn't matter what settings I used on my camera, this baby girl is Natalie and Christian's flawless baby girl. From her sweet pouty lips to her gorgeous big eyes and sweet baby nose, I can't think of any other word to describe her. Perfect. 

Congratulations, Natalie, Christian, Evan and Ainsley. I am so incredibly thankful to know you and to be a part of this special time in your lives. Oh, and I can't leave this post without giving a huge shout out and thank you to MJ, Natalie's little brother, who let us take over his room with its awesome light for three hours.

Welcome to the world, Lucy Austin Lindberg!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brown Family | Scottsdale, Arizona Extended Family Photographer

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to take pictures of a family of eleven with two two and a half year olds (born on the same day) and a newborn. I was running around like crazy capturing this family as best I could and loved every minute of it!  I am so incredibly thankful to have met each and everyone of the Brown family and witness the love they have for each other. The toddlers may not have sat very long or posed for many pictures, but they were themselves allowing me to get into their world with my camera.

The highlights for me was the sound of laughter and song. There was so much of it, too! At one point, I was running back and forth behind a fireplace to get the kids' attention. Each time I would disappear, I would stop for a second to listen to this family laughing hysterically and enjoying each other. Then when I would jump out from the wall, I couldn't stop laughing. I think this is the most I've ever laughed during a session.

Towards the end during our last attempt to get a picture of the grandparents with all three grandchildren, someone started to sing "I've Been Working on the Railroad." Everyone started to sing in harmony. It was such a sweet moment for me even though it didn't work with the kids. We still sounded great! And lastly, witnessing the love between each couple was truly amazing. When I left, I kept replaying the previous two hours in my head which reminded me why I do this.

Thank you again, Brown family, for letting me spend the afternoon with you. Enjoy your previews!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Silva Family | Surprise, AZ Family Photography

I had a few firsts with this session which helped me learn a lot.

This was my first "mini session", which I realized how hard it is to narrow down to just a handful of pictures to edit. Well, it could be because of how photogenic this gorgeous family of three was that made my decisions difficult.

This was also my first time to take pictures of a nine year old boy. Isaac was just so cute but did not want to smile for me which I understand his reasons but I tried everything. I'm so used to babies, toddlers and preschoolers now (which is also what I live with) so I find it much easier because all I do is chase them around. Nine year olds are a little different especially when male. I learned that saying things like "I'm going to get you" and "what's that?" don't quite work. Nor does telling knock knock jokes. Oh, the looks I got from him were just so much fun. I also learned that bribery doesn't work as well either. And I learned to not tell a growing boy that his eyes are "very pretty." But seriously, they are! His eyes were just stunning. So what did I find that helped get some smiles instead of a "you are one crazy lady" look? I had him do things like jump off a bench, climb my ladder, swing his mom around and my favorite, tackle his mom (just not down to the ground) and act "ghetto". He did look at me weird with the ghetto one but the others worked! I almost sang "If You're Happy and You Know It" but I refrained. Thank goodness!

On the other hand, this was also my first time photographing a six year old girl (Samantha) which I had no problems whatsoever getting her to pose. She had poses I've never even seen and full of expression. Towards the end she was just loving my camera and it was loving her!

I absolutely loved both personalities these two kiddos had. The pictures represent them so well. And I couldn't finish this post without mentioning how gorgeous and sweet their mom was. Thank you, Silva family!

Shanin, waiting for baby Olivia | Goodyear, AZ Family Photographer

"How many weeks pregnant are you?" is what I was thinking when I first met Shanin. She probably got sick of me telling her how teeny her belly is, but at 35 weeks she is carrying her baby girl long and not out, that's for sure. She looked fabulous! In some pictures you honestly couldn't even tell she was pregnant.

This session was fun because it involved two super lovable dogs, a beautiful momma-to-be, excited daddy-to-be and a gorgeous clear morning in the desert. I can't wait to meet baby Olivia around Christmas time and see their new house!

Shanin and George, good luck with the move and bringing your baby girl into the world!