Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cohen, One Year | Surprise, AZ Baby Photography

Meet Cohen. He hasn't been the easiest baby for his sweet parents but he is just oh so adorable! We had a fun session of tears and laughter, literally. He was either upset or over-the-top happy! He had me on my toes! Thankfully, he loves to laugh at his dad juggling or mom singing fun songs. I think Cohen is the first baby I've met that prefers rocks, sticks, leaves, and even limes (or maybe they were oranges) over noisy toys. Thankfully we had a lot at our disposal.  Maybe he'll be a biologist or something involving the outdoors when he's older.

The session was all about Cohen turning ONE, but of course, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of this family of three. Enjoy your previews!

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