Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Carlton Family | Phoenix, AZ Family Photography

I am very honored this family contacted me to take their family photos for many reasons. I first met Danee at Stroller Strides. She was so incredibly sweet to me by making me feel so welcome. She just has such a magnetic personality making you want to be her friend. And her girls are darling. I still can't get over Addison's gorgeous eyes that just captivate me. And her little sister, Brennan, has the cutest little face, it took every bit of me not to just squeeze her little cheeks! Brennan was a typical one and a half year old and needed some incentives (lollipops!) to keep her focused. We were able to steal it most of the time, but it did make its way into a few pictures!

One of the reasons I like taking family photos is because I get to witness love. It's true what they say, love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, numbers, etc. Not sure if that's exactly how it goes, but I love to capture love. It is so refreshing and amazing to me to watch the love a parent has for their child but even more so, a husband has for his wife and a wife has for her husband. My favorite moment from the whole session was when I was chasing after the girls and when I turned around, Danee and Josh were just loving on each other. So. Sweet.

 I don't get to see this wonderful family often, so this was an opportunity to hang out for a little and have some fun through some desert landscape. Enjoy your previews and again, thank you so much for letting me spend time with your family!

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