Monday, September 24, 2012

Natalie, waiting for baby number three! | Buckeye, Arizona Maternity and Family Photographer

This family was my very first family I took pictures of officially as ART Photography! It's amazing to look at how far I've come and how much I've learned. Also, I got to see how much Ainsley and Evan grew along with their baby sister in their mommy's tummy! Since they moved, we don't get to see each other as often. Mims, Natalie's mom, and MJ, Natalie's super cute brother joined us as well making this session even more special.

As soon as we started, the kids were first priority because they had a ton of energy! They posed for a few but then just wanted to PLAY which I had no problem with at all. I had a sheet to help with the blazing sun, but they thought it was for them to play hide and seek. I went with it and as soon as they popped out, their expressions were just priceless and displayed their personalities so well. They also had a blast wrestling with Mims, their mom and uncle. I kind of wish I could've joined in on the fun!

I think I always say "I have so much fun or I was so excited", but honestly, I did and usually always am! I especially love when families aren't afraid to have fun. Natalie and Christian had no problem with this! Not only were they silly with each other, but you can just tell they love each other so much.

Natalie is such an amazing mommy to her two little ones now and is going to be that much greater when baby girl arrives. And seriously, how gorgeous is she? In some of the pictures, you can't even tell she's pregnant! I just can't wait to meet their baby girl. Congratulations, Natalie, Christian, Ainsley and Evan! 

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