Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Madeline, 5 weeks | Goodyear, AZ Newborn Photographer

I was very excited that Resa contacted me to take pictures of their awaited baby girl. I have to say that this was the quickest session I have ever had. I told Resa I was thankful she knew me because if not, she probably would've thought I was a crazy person for running around like one! But with a not-so-happy baby and dark skies, we had to move fast!

Maddy has reflux and was just starting on medicine so her mom told me she either has a good day or a bad day and of course, the day I went to take pictures, it wasn't a good day. We were thankful that she would sleep anytime she was held so it worked well! It was hard to put her down, but she is just so cute sleeping in her mommy's arms! And the weather...I get a little too excited when the forecast calls for rainy weather. Rainy weather means clouds, which we don't have very often and are great for pictures but not exactly when they are black! So let's just say it was fun running outside and inside their home trying to make sure we still had light and a happy or sleepy baby. Thankfully, Maddy's older brother, Liam, was such a ham. I think he liked all the running around and watching a crazy lady with a camera. Congratulations, Resa, Dave and Liam on your new baby girl, Madeline!

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