Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kaenaan, 1 year! | Buckeye, AZ Baby Photographer

He made it! Kaenaan was my first baby that I was able to take pictures at three months, six months, nine months and now one year! It has been a ton of fun watching him go from barely being able to lift his head to crawling all over the place. His personality is really starting to blossom. His emotions are also fun to witness, the happy and the sad. 

Balloons, a polka dot bowtie, awesome vest, checkered shirts, bubbles, cake - this session was just loaded with greatness. We went to a new location (which I shot another family there last week) with a cool hill and our Arizona crystal blue skies. Kaenaan didn't like the hill as much as I did, but his mom and I still love the pictures of him crying. I don't know how you can't. It's almost as he was posing for me amidst the tears. It wasn't long before he was happy again in the shade. I don't blame him because that sun is HOT! 

We ended with some bubble fun and a "smash cake" session. I loved his expression as soon as he saw the cupcakes. He couldn't get his hands on them fast enough which made it so I had to act fast because there was icing everywhere in an instant! And as usual, I had to get at least one shot of his older brother. 

Happy FIRST Birthday, Kaenaan!!! 

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