Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great Grandma, Grandma, Katie and Ella, four generations | Surprise, AZ Extended Family Photographer

Multiple generations are so much fun to capture especially when it's of just four beautiful girls inside and out. The weather and the location worked to our advantage with Katie's awesome choice of styling!

I've known Katie since before she had Ella and have been around Ella a few times, but yet, she was still really shy. There were a few times she would forget I was there like when a school bus or "Fire Truck Sam" drove by. It really didn't matter though because even her shy faces are just absolutely adorable. I loved the moments where she would just look to the side and bite her lip. I fell in love with great grandma! I just couldn't get enough of her awesome sense of humor as she kept trying to escape. She is just as adorable as little Ella in her own way and with many more years behind her. In the middle are Katie and her mom. They were extremely fun and even got down with some funky dancing (which, I decided not to post even though they're awesome but thought I'd leave that up to Katie's discretion!!).

We had such a great morning together and I am honored I was able to take pictures of four generations that they will hopefully cherish forever.


  1. I LOVE these Adriane! Ella's expressions just crack me up. You are so incredibly talented. Thank you!

  2. What a special shoot! That is so cool! May have to get my grandma over when we do baby's shoot or Evan and Ainsley's year pics

    1. Awe thanks! I didn't know your grandma lived here...or maybe I did. lol. Yes, we should totally do that!