Friday, September 28, 2012

Cruz, 16 days new | Phoenix, Arizona Newborn Photography

Little Cruz arrived a little earlier than his due date with a whole head of hair! I couldn't wait to meet him. I wasn't sure how he would do since he was a few weeks old and his "awake" time is typically in the morning, but as soon as I got a hold of him swaddled tightly, he was out! I was so excited we were able to take him down to a little wash next to their house. Probably a little too excited, but there were even clouds making the perfect light! Perfect light for a perfect baby.

I could've held him all day but after a few hours gave him back to his proud parents. They are doing such a wonderful job with their new bundle of joy. He is one lucky kid to have parents who love him so much. Congratulations, Briana and Steven!

For more pictures of baby Cruz, check out ART Photography on Facebook.

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