Friday, August 31, 2012

Lainey, 10 days new | Luke Air Force Base, AZ Newborn Photographer

Little Lainey was a surprise as to what gender SHE was! I was super excited to have a GIRL newborn shoot. When I arrived, her brother and sister were so excited to show her off. They had adorable, 1st, 2nd and 3rd shirts on that they all wore proudly; well, Addi and Owen did, at least. I'm not sure Lainey knows what proud is yet. I was very impressed with how gentle they were with her. They even had been practicing a "pancake" pose which we successfully did on the safety of a bed. Also, Owen has stepped it up as far as doing more chores and helping with his 'new family.' Very sweet.

It was a little tough getting her to stay asleep, but I was able to grab my camera just in time to get a few sleepy pictures. Newborn sessions are becoming my favorite even though I find them very challenging. I have so much to learn including how to get the baby in that very deep sleep, but I really am enjoying the learning process. I am so thankful for the families who have let me come into their home so I can learn. Also, I just love getting to hold such new babies especially since mine is getting so big too fast. Little Lainey (I love saying that!) was cuddly and sleepy in my arms, just not on the beanbag.

I met Lindsey when she was my instructor at Stroller Strides and am so appreciative she contacted me to take Lainey's pictures. People always tell moms that they couldn't even tell they had a baby afterwards, but seriously, you could not tell she just had a baby. She looked amazing! I could also just see the love that she has for her third bundle of joy, too.When I checked in with her shortly after she had Lainey, she just said that their family now feels's perfect. And that it is! Justin is in the Air Force so they will be moving soon which I'm bummed I won't get to watch Lainey grow, but am again so thankful I got to spend time with their family during such a special time. Congrats, Lindsey, Justin, Adeline and Owen!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vivian, 6 months | Chandler, AZ Baby Photographer

I was so excited to see how big Vivian had gotten since I last met her when she was just days old. She definitely grew and is just so cute! For a baby who had colic for the first few months of life and wasn't the easiest baby, she was such a little angel. All we had to do was look at her and she'd either look back with a little smirk, smile or just stare at the camera. Perfect!

When I was at their home for newborn pictures, I remember seeing a really cool chair before I left there house. I asked her mom if we could use it for Vivian's six months pictures. She ended up getting the cutest little ruffle romper that matched it perfectly. Cute chair + super cute baby + adorable ruffle romper + morning light + fun little orange grove = fun pictures!

We weren't sure how Vivian would do getting changed into different outfits, but again, she did amazing. Burgundy ruffle romper, pink ruffle jumper and a ruffle diaper it! Bring on the ruffles!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Corbin: 5 days new! | Luke Air Force Base, AZ Newborn Photography

Shooting newborns has been such a learning curve for me. I am so thankful to all the wonderful parents who let me take pictures of their babies at such a special time in their lives. After I get the logistics of it down, I'm really starting to love it. I can't get over how beautiful little newborns are.  Sometimes I forget I'm there to take pictures because all I want to do is stare...and smile...and stare some more. I think I'm finally learning how to position the babies to capture them in their super cute and cuddly phase of life.

I was so excited to be able to meet little Corbin Alexander last week. He joined us a little earlier than his due date and is just perfect! He started off very sleepy. When he got hungry, he really let us know, but then conked out so I could get him in his daddy's guitar case. I absolutely loved the hats and cocoon he got to wear too!

Taking newborn pictures takes a lot of patience, but in the end it's so worth it and honestly, I love being able to rock them gently in my arms as they fall into a deep sleep looking oh so dreamy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Molly turns 2! | Northern Arizona Kids Photographer

My beautiful niece Molly turned two in July! We spent her birthday with her while camping at a gorgeous campground called Lo Lo Mai Springs in northern Arizona. I absolutely love trees and rocks and grass and totally wish I could transport this campground to the desert so I could take pictures here all the time. We'll be heading back up there in October which means FALL COLORS!

My sister-in-law planned an amazing Minnie birthday party. Molly wore the cutest little Minnie outfit and my son, Vaughn, even got to wear a custom made Mickey shirt. We had a blast playing with sticks and leaves during our exploration of the campground. Happy Birthday Molly or should I say, Miss Minnie?


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Briana:getting ready for baby boy

Briana and Steven are expecting their first baby in just a few weeks! They haven't decided on a name yet but they do know they are having a little baby boy. It was so fun to spend some time with them on a hot summer evening at a resort. I was a little nervous to shoot at a resort, but my fears diminished after finding lots of green and a very cool herb garden to showcase Briana's teeny belly.

Can't wait to meet the little guy soon!!!