Thursday, July 12, 2012

Angela: waiting for baby Corbin

When deciding whether or not to do maternity pictures, Angela let me talk her into doing some fun shots in the desert. Her husband is in the Air Force so they won't be living here forever and what a better way to remember where Corbin was born than maternity pictures in the desert. AND...we were so lucky with weather. With temperatures recently in the 110's, we got lucky with a cooler evening. It was only 96 and breezy. You know I've lived here for too long when I think 96 is cooler, but I'm telling you, it is!

Her son, Beau, was like a little movie star waiting in the air conditioned car until it was his turn. He did so well, too. It was very apparent how excited he is to be a big brother. He can't wait to meet this little guy and neither can I! Just a few more weeks until Corbin Alexander makes his debut!!!

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