Saturday, June 23, 2012

let's call this one, Erin and fam

When I took Erin's family photos back in March she asked me if I would be up for a session with her extended family before they moved to Washington D.C. Her parents, her brother and girlfriend and Randy's parents were all going to be flying in from different parts of California to spend time with them before they moved across the country. I was a little nervous, but of course, I accepted and am glad I did. What an enjoyable family to be around.

It is June in Arizona and we got together early evening, therefore, it was just a tad hot. Okay, it was very hot, which made it hard to venture off to different locations, but we were able to have a ton of fun playing games and taking turns with the mister, icy wash cloths, and lots of water bottles. Thank you, Kris! Break time became our two favorite words.

For me, it was such a great learning experience to take pictures of such a large family. Adjusting settings quickly, making sure I get all combinations of family members, finding good spots, making sure I drank water, and chasing after the kids. Let's just say I was exhausted by the end! It was also a change to take pictures of mostly adults - when you ask them to do something, they do it! So, thank you, Krekeler and Gedestad families, for letting me spend an hour and a half with you all in the heat doing what I love. And to Erin and Randy, I will miss you and your family very much. Enjoy Washington D.C. and say hi to the trees, grass and the Potomac for me!


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