Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The K Family

Going into this shoot, I wanted to see what this family was wanting out of their pictures. I was told they wanted to be captured as they are and that is what I got! It was amazing!

So far while photographing families, which I am LOVING, this family definitely wins the most relaxed award. We loaded up the kids in their wagon and wheeled them down to a fun little park. As soon as we stopped, they didn't hesitate to pull out some balls and let the kids just play. Dylan had an enormous amount of energy, kicking his ball, jumping down steps, playing with his hockey stick and 'checking' his dad (I think that is what it is called :) And Ava just had a ball doing her own thing and trying to escape especially from the family shots. They were both full of personality and amazing expressions.

It was so sweet to see how much love this family has for each other, too. Enjoy your previews!