Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ethan and Ava

I think I'm in my final stretch and most definitely my last session until after I have my baby. I'm so thankful to have ended this season with such a sweet, fun and beautiful family including grandma and grandpa from Washington!

I haven't had a three year old smile as much as little Miss Ava. In fact, it was a challenge to get any other expression out of her until her daddy started to tickle her! Anytime she saw the camera pointed at her, she would immediately smile. Only if every toddler would do that. What a doll! And what do I say about Mr. Ethan except, look deep into his eyes and you'll immediately fall in love! And I did I mention before I'm a sucker for toddler boys in hats? It was so fun capturing him for his FIRST birthday. He's getting so big and oh so cute!

Signing off at least for a few weeks!


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