Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ethan and Ava

I think I'm in my final stretch and most definitely my last session until after I have my baby. I'm so thankful to have ended this season with such a sweet, fun and beautiful family including grandma and grandpa from Washington!

I haven't had a three year old smile as much as little Miss Ava. In fact, it was a challenge to get any other expression out of her until her daddy started to tickle her! Anytime she saw the camera pointed at her, she would immediately smile. Only if every toddler would do that. What a doll! And what do I say about Mr. Ethan except, look deep into his eyes and you'll immediately fall in love! And I did I mention before I'm a sucker for toddler boys in hats? It was so fun capturing him for his FIRST birthday. He's getting so big and oh so cute!

Signing off at least for a few weeks!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beau is THREE!

Beau and his mom got to Marley Park before dad. We walked to the front of the house to get a few shots when a loud Harley engine roared down the road. Beau’s entire demeanor changed as he watched his dad pull into the parking lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a three year old as happy and excited to play with his dad as Beau. It was the coolest thing to experience the tremendous amount of love this family has for each other. Even though I only took pictures of Beau, you can see the love pouring out of his eyes as he was looking at his parents the whole time. He was super polite and sweet but also excited he was able to get away with saying some words he typically can only say in the bathroom because it made him laugh so hard…and laughing is good in pictures!

During this session, I learned that the Texas Longhorns mascot isn’t just “longhorn”, but he actually has a name – Bevo! We spent quite a bit of time throwing Bevo around in the backyard. Then Beau had a blast riding his awesome tricycle up and down the sidewalk and around a little circular path. I think he could've done that all night! Lastly, we had some birthday cake fun to celebrate that he’s going to be three TOMORROW!   

Happy third birthday, Beau!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steven, 6 months

...and it's Steven's turn! I kind of coerced his mom into letting me take his pictures. Okay, I didn't coerce her but I really wanted to capture him at such a fun age of learning how to sit up, scoot and eat squash! We made a play date out of it (we won't go into detail how that part of it went)!

When I look at Steven, I just think, pretty. He has such beautiful blue (as of now) eyes, cute little eye lashes, the perfect little nose, and such precious pink lips. And you just look at him, and he smiles so big. We spent about twenty minutes and captured such fun shots of the little guy as he just turned six months!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kaenaan, 6 months

Can you believe it's been three months since we've seen little Kaenaan? He's getting so big and oh so cute! He's not quite sitting up yet, but we had some fun innovative ways to make it look like he can - his super cute brother, some balled up pillowcases, and his mom just within reach so he didn't topple over. It totally worked! 

And can I say that I think all baby and toddler boys should wear hats? I absolutely loved his super cute straw hat his grandma got him. Love!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The M Family

Meet the cutest sisters ever and the most beautiful brown-eyed girls! I was so excited to do Easter pictures of two little girls seeing that all boys are in my future...for now. I loved the pastel colors the whole family was in especially with where we took the pictures.

We had fun playing in the grass, trying not to break a rickety porch swing and looking at the bunnies. Yes, I was sad that I didn't think to have Easter bunnies at the shoot but there was another photographer who did and the girls loved looking at them. Maybe next year...or not :)!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The K Family

Going into this shoot, I wanted to see what this family was wanting out of their pictures. I was told they wanted to be captured as they are and that is what I got! It was amazing!

So far while photographing families, which I am LOVING, this family definitely wins the most relaxed award. We loaded up the kids in their wagon and wheeled them down to a fun little park. As soon as we stopped, they didn't hesitate to pull out some balls and let the kids just play. Dylan had an enormous amount of energy, kicking his ball, jumping down steps, playing with his hockey stick and 'checking' his dad (I think that is what it is called :) And Ava just had a ball doing her own thing and trying to escape especially from the family shots. They were both full of personality and amazing expressions.

It was so sweet to see how much love this family has for each other, too. Enjoy your previews!