Saturday, January 28, 2012

Five Generations

How many people have a great GREAT grandma living? Little Lucas does making FIVE generations of people I got to spend some time with. I absolutely fell in love with this family especially great great grandma. In my family, we call my sons's great grandmother, super grammy so I secretly renamed her to ultimate grammy.

We only had a few days to schedule since great grandma and ultimate grandma were here on vacation from much colder states. The time I got to spend with them was incredible! Even though I have to admit that taking pictures of someone (I will not mention names) who loathes getting her picture taken was a little challenging especially when she would just randomly walk out of the shot, it was so worth every shot I did get of these five generations together! 

Thank you thank you thank you for your patience and letting me capture five generations of LOVE!


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